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Microsoft buys Datazen Software.

This is the "big news" announced by the US company just a few days ago.

Datazen Software is a front-runner in mobile business intelligence, Key Performance Indicators and data visualization for Windows, iOS, and Android devices. The Datazen acquisition will enhance Microsoft's focus on mobile data analytics and accelerate its Power BI strategy to help organizations create a data culture with easy-to-use, accessible tools to extract maximum value from data – from anywhere, on any device.

"Datazen technology and solutions will complement Power BI, our cloud-based business analytics service, rounding out our mobile capabilities for customers who need a mobile BI solution implemented on-premises and optimized for SQL Server," wrote Kamal Hathi, partner director for Cloud + Enterprise at Microsoft, on the company's official blog.

Canadian company specializes in creating dashboards and pooling data from information contained in the worksheets of Microsoft Excel and not only.

The companies that want to profit by Datazen’s solutions simply need to have Windows Server, Internet Information Services and .Net installed on their computers, and of course the server-side software developed by Datazen.

In today’s fast-moving world in both terms of space and time, it has become a critical success factor to ensure the availability and manageability of data in the mobile context.

The way we work is changing as well as the activities and relationships forms; it is no longer bound to the traditional workplace in the office.

The next challenge awaiting us is not about being restricted by traditional approaches of extracting and sharing information that have always been adopted by companies, but, on the contrary, creating new modes of work through innovative technologies.

ANALITICA will also benefit from this commercial operation, allowing people to collaborate, share and work without limits of space as well as the Collaborative Data Intelligence Experience will become mobile.

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