Analitica is a unified platform that allows you to focusing on data insight, and manages everything from disclosure to data in a collaborative way.

Analitica meets any type of need; it can be adapted to the client’s demand with pinpoint accuracy or be purchased with already preset solutions.

The preset solutions are the specific forms of the Performance Management built with an innovative approach to simplify and govern complex processes of Management Control. These modules are identified by control processes like Fast Closing and Consolidated Financial Statements, Budget and Forecast, Financial Planning, Cost Accounting, etc… They also can be purchased together or separately.

All modules are mutually independent, but belong to a single environment, which allows standardizing tools and ensuring the strength of the technological architecture.

All tools that were lacking to govern the Management Control processes like the reallocation, rollovers, the ledger scriptures and forecast collaborative processes management, were developed within our system in various CPM modules.

All CPM applications are based on principles of informational transparency and traceability, certified data and roles and responsibilities segregation.

Innovation solution for data analysis

Budgeting and


Fast Closing and Consolidation



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