Fast Closing and Consolidation

Analitica for Fast Closing and Consolidation

Analitica allows us to create a multidimensional Budget Management and Statutory Financial Statement  that is queryable in real time and analyzable at the level of a single business unit through a complete preset application called "Fast Closing and Consolidated Financial Statement".


  • Interfaces for data extraction and management of registries, multicurrency and non-accounting adjustments.
  • Workflow that enables verifying the consolidation progress at any time per Business Unit.
  • Multidimensional analysis models of data and reports.
  • Reporting package for the main institutional financial statements in line with the international standards.

«The closing of the interim financial statements has always been complex and costly in terms of both time and resources. With Analitica we made the process faster and more flexible, and we have significantly reduced its impact on the organization»


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Analitica for Fast Closing and Consolidation






Thanks to Analitica, times of consolidation are shortened and costs are reduced.


Minimizing errors


Processes automation allows to minimize errors due to manual entries.




Fast closing and consolidation solution ensures that informations are accurate and allows users to achieve and verify them quickly.




Simple and immediate accessibility to all data of turnovers and the consolidation.


Time reduction of decision-making


Thanks to many detailed and aggregated views of cost centers, destinations and available data of any single company.

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