Profitability Analysis

 Analitica for Profitability Analysis 

The Cost Accounting management and Profitability Analysis processes become simple and natural thanks to the Analitica’s "Preset Solutions".


  • Simple and automatic data extraction from various
  • Management of the Chart of Accounts and the models of financial statement reclassification through a drag-and-drop tree interface, of Business Units and the consolidation curve
  • Management of the indexes tree and rules of variance analysis
  • Management of non-accountable adjustments
  • Management of a consistent allocation of the profit and loss account entries through parameterization interfaces
  • Reporting package of major institutional reports corresponding to the international standards

«Analitica allowed us to improve business performance through efficient coordination of resources that facilitated the identification of revenue sources on which we should concentrate and expenses that we have to cut»

Product Manager

One of the major worldwide manufacturers of security insert molded filter components

Analitica for Profitability Analysis






Complete and fast management support for making correct decisions.




Time reduction of Management Audit reports.


Decision-making time reduction


Due to many aggregate and detailed views of costs centers, destinations and any business unit data available.

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