Smart Disclosure

Technological solutions for budgeting and forecasting 

Disclosure management is an expensive and laborious process where it is very easy to make mistakes and very important not do it.
We have developed a new smart approach to disclosure management integrated with Analitica workflow and social portal. Thanks to the innovative smart documents technology, Analitica allows to collaborate, share and reuse your information without losing time, providing you a complete control over your data by connecting directly to your company’s internal data sources.


  • Use a unified solution to automate the entire process of closure and disclosure 
  • Create dynamic smart documents and reports that automatically update
  • Aggregate item and data from different sources across the organization, providing a version control thanks to its automated workflow.

«With Analitica our disclosure process has become faster and safer. We have the right data in time without losing time in manual process»

Group Financial Controller

Marketing and Communications Company

Analitica for budgeting and forecasting


Thanks to Smart Disclosure module now you can:

  • Spend less time collecting, assembling and checking your data 
  • Use your time to analyze and focus on data insight
  • Not be afraid of “last minute changes”, by maintaining control of your documents throughout the entire process
  • Provide a single and controlled version of your document and report
  • Publish financial statements in a range of formats, including XBRL.


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